New Year in India and Yoga at the Ocean:

February 16, 2018 – March 3, 2018

Yoga-Travel to India: “The Holy Ganges in the Feet of the Majestic Himalayas and Leisure in Goa”

The journey goes through: Delhi-Rishikesh-Haridwar-Dehradun-Delhi-Goa

Day 1: Delhi– Haridwar– Rishikesh
Meeting with the group at Dehli (Indira Gandhi) airport. Getting to know the capital of India, Delhi. We learn the rythm of the third largest metropolitan city in the world and observe the sharp contrast between the remains of the ancients times and modern architectural solutions.

We drive from Delhi to the state of Uttarakhand. A visit to one of the brightest pearls of the main pilgrim destination, Haridwar (202 km). A home of Kumbh Mela, Vedic legends and yoga. We pass through the “Divine Gates”, where the young and fervent Ganges braves the Gharvald Himalaya and rushes along the Indo-Gangetic Plain.

The day ends in Rishikesh. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, the city with the ancient name of Hrishikesh is also famous as a global capital of yoga. It will be our home in the first half of this yoga-tour. A meeting with the most ancient atmosphere of yoga practice in the world. A chance to be filled with unique energy of silence, contemplation, peace, and meditation. We bid farwell to the evening sun and take part in Aarati, a ceremonial thanksgiving to Ganga-Mataji.

Статуя Шивы в Ришикеше на закате

Day 2: Rishikesh
We go sightseeing in the city that reminds us of a masterful sketch of a talented engraver carved in the riverside green: suspension bridges, temples, ashrams, and famous ghats. Descent to the sacred waters of the Ganges and a boat trip. If you wish, you can swim in the refreshing divine river. The day ends with an evening Aarati at the main ghat of Rishikesh.

It’s possible to organize rafting as an additional treat. We get lots of fun, photos, and wet clothes. So, don’t forget to take a change.

Рафтинг по Ганге в Ришикеше

Day 3: Rishikesh– Dehradun– Rishikesh 
We take a day trip to Dehradun, the capital of the state of Uttarakhand. Embosomed in the circle of the Pre-Himalayan Siwalik mountains, the city of Dehradun rests in the lap of the picturesque Dun plain in the feet of the Garhwal Himalayas.  It is the origin of both the Ganga in the West and Yamuna in the East. We stop for the meditation at the Buddist monastery. Next, we test the curative powers of the calciferous stalactic reservoirs of Shastradhara and its hydrosulfuric springs. Imprint in your memory and on camera the amazing views of the watefalls and caves in the flowing water.

Day 4: Rishikesh
We have a walk or a drive to the top of the mountain to the temple of Nilkanth Mahadev 12 km from Rishikesh. The shrine is dedicated to Lord Shiva, who, according to the legend, drank poison of Creation in this very spot. As a result, his throat (kantha) became blue (nil). So, Shiva and the sacred place got the name Nilkanth. Our way goes through the splendid forests and crosses the offshoot of the mountain bypassing the famous Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Ashram. That’s the place where the Beatles completed their spiritual practice. Engoy the view of the beautiful Ganga and the picturesque Phoolchatti Yoga Ashram from the road.

Статуя Патанджали в Индии

Day 5: Rishikesh
We have the option of experiencing the morning at Aarati and sunrise at Ganga. Before the ceremony, the most daring can take the purifying ablution in the crystal-clear waters of the holy river.

Pilgrimage to the Cave of Vasishtha located in 21 km from Rishikesh. We will follow the example of the great sage Vasishtha, who completed his prayers and practice in this place, and spend our time here in concentration and meditation. We will try to establish connection of our own energy with this place of immense power.

Йога на камне на фоне Ганги в РишикешеDay 6: Rishikesh – Haridwar– Delhi
Visiting Haridwar, we complete a dream of every Hindu pilgrim. We’ll take a look at the numerous baths and temples created for the ceremonial saving of the souls of the ancestors and eradication of own sins. Ganga takes everything we don’t need from us, while we take some water from Ganga in special containers as souveniers for our friends, relatives, and ourselves. As the legend goes, Ganga waters always remain fresh. That’s what we’re going to check.

We visit the temples of Mansa Devi (to make a wish) and Chandi Devi (to appeal to the powers of Shakti) located on the hills above the city. At the end of the day we meet in Delhi once again.

Day 7: Delhi
We meet the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid (World-reflecting Mosque), Chandni Chowk  district, the Gates of India, the Parliament Building. and the Presidential Palace. Be amazed by the breathtaking beauty of Akshardham temple, the originality of the Agrasen ancient step well, and the traditional laundry at Dhobi Ghat. Meditation at Lakshmi Narayan Temple and the Lotus Temple, where people of all religions are welcome to worship.  Sensing the energy of Sikh gurudwara Bangla Sahib.

Day 8 -14: Goa
At last, the welcome rest at the ocean. Sightseeing.

Океанское побережье

Yoga practice:

Morning and evening classes in places filled with unique yoga energy.
Meditations in temples and open-air pranayama during the day.
The structure and complexity of physical and breathing excercises are designed to satisfy the experienced practitioners as well as those, who are in the beginning of their path in yoga.

Goals of this yoga retreat in India:

  • master the new level of attention when completing basic and advanced asanas and pranayama
  • learn to set and keep awareness of your presence during the day (morning practice)
  • learn how to balance your energy and integrate the psychological and emotional experience received during the day (evening practice)
  • personalize your practice in the group taking into account your individual goals and health requirements
  • sense the unique energy of the most sacred spots of India through the practice of yoga
  • open the charms and power of India in an ideal journey created by an experienced yoga teacher and a person sincerely in love with this part of the world
  • establish a lasting habit to practice yoga everyday, as a natural and integral part of your life journey

Cost of the yoga-tour (14 days/ 15 nights):

  • $850 USD 

The fee includes: 

  • Trip transfers on comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Accomodation in hotels (BB), two beds in Rishikesh and Delhi. Two beds and breakfast not included in Goa.
  • Russian and English-speaking guide for the program.
  • Yoga classes

Additional fees:

  • Lunch and dinner
  • Insurance and visa
  • Entry tickets (the majority of temples on our route are free-of-charge)
  • Plane tickets
  • Jeep to Vasishth and Nilkanth if requested (about $10 USD per person)
  • Permission to take pictures and video, mandatory tips to porters, guides on sites, and driver
  • Other personal expenses

Registration and questions:


call: +38 (066) 8034594